It’s Been a Good Ride.

Doug and Marta riding off in a new direction.

ProWolfe Partners (which began as Hawthorne/Wolfe in 1982), was fortunate to attract loyal clients with challenging work, a talented team of designers, and responsive alliance partners. Together we created corporate communications with meaningful results — and many memorable moments along the way.

In July, the people of ProWolfe set off in new directions.

Now, Bob Prow and Jo Kincaid continue to serve their longstanding corporate clients, working hard to exceed expectations, just as they did for many years as principals at ProWolfe Partners.

Bob joined Obata Design and will continue to help his clients communicate with their most important stakeholders by focusing on branding, financial and sustainability communications.

Jo established Resourcive to provide strategic communications and design services across a full range of media from print and web to mobile and video. Many of the same team members and alliance partners that she collaborated with on past projects will support her new venture.

Meanwhile, I'll stay open to consulting opportunities, as Marta and I devote time to volunteering, traveling and bicycle touring — our favorite way to experience new places.

Doug and Marta at Niagra Falls.

A quick stop at Niagara Falls on a bike tour across upstate New York last Summer.

Thanks to everyone who has helped propel us along the way. It’s been a great ride, and for that we are truly grateful. We look forward to crossing paths with you in the future.


Doug Wolfe, July 2013